Everything has started in 2004, when a couple of us met for the first time in Gdańsk (Tricity, Pomerania, Poland). Four hobbyists decided to set up a new living history association in our country. They were interested in the Second World War history, especially in American military operations which took place in the MTO and ETO. As a result of many meetings, they decided to portray soldiers of the 1 Infantry Division, famous Big Red One, a unit with great traditions and achievements.

According to this project, they have started collecting adequate equipment, uniforms and replicas of weapons. After a couple of tactical maneuvers and official events in front of the huge audience, LHA “Big Red One” became recognized by Polish society. We have begun our great adventure which main aim is to present and honor sacrifice of all American soldiers, who fought in the WWII. Naturally, we are especially focused on the Fighting First, the 18th Regiment and Polish-born emigrants, who lived in the United States.

During last years we changed our status. Nowadays we are a part of almost thirty people unit, that is organizing its own events and participating in the most important living history events in Poland (Warsaw, Łódź, Kraków, Gostyń etc.). Lastly, in 2009, we expanded our activity into official celebrations, organized in other European countries- France and Belgium- places which are very important to us.

Our effort was appreciated many times. We took part in film productions for Polish Discovery History channel and a TV series called “Tajemnica Twierdzy Szyfrów”. We also have a small machine park which consists of WC52 Dodge and three Willys MB jeeps.

In order to contact us, check ‚KONTAKT’ section. There you will find email adresses to the management of the association. We are open to any kind of co-operation.

For more information visit our site and FORUM.

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